learn MAGIC from pro magician, luke hocking

We all need some more magic in the world right now. While we are stuck at home now is the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill.  Be introduced to the wonderful world of magic right from the comfort of your own home. Book your private video chat with professional Melbourne magician Luke Hocking.  

In this private class you will learn 6 amazing magic routines. You will also learn the psychology of magic, psychology of misdirection. Easy to perform, yet some of the strongest, most practical effects you can do in real world situations. Lots of good advice about magic is sprinkled throughout too.  Perform magic at the office, over dinner or include in your next presentation to break the ice.

$35 for a 50 min session for 1 person, $15 per extra person

adult classes (14 yrs +)

kids classes (7-13 yrs)

In this private class, you will learn 7 amazing tricks you can do at home with objects you have lying around the house, nothing special will be needed. In this class you will learn the basic mechanism's and presentation skills needed to perform your very own amazing magic.

$35 for a 50 min session for 1 person, $15 per extra person


Luke Hocking is based in Melbourne Australia, with video chat these classes are offered Australia wide. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch via email to organise a time.

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